Beyond Physical And Sexual Harm: Different Ways In Which Your Partner May Abuse You

When it comes to domestic abuse, many people focus on sexual and physical violence. However, your partner may abuse you without sexually assaulting you or harming you physically in any way. There are other forms of domestic abuse that include: Emotional Abuse Somebody is emotionally abusing you if he or she is using his or her words and actions to isolate, control or frighten you. It is also known as psychological abuse, and it can take different forms. [Read More]

Trucking Company Driver Records Can Help You Make Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Case

If a commercial truck driver injured you in a vehicular accident, you need to request the driver records from the trucking company. The trucking company is responsible for hiring qualified drivers and keeping detailed records on all of their drivers. Their driver records could be the key to winning your personal injury lawsuit against both the driver who hit you and the trucking company they worked for. All Drivers Need To Be Qualified [Read More]

2 Groups Of People Affected By President Obama's Executive Order

Shortly after the midterm elections, President Obama signed an executive order that drastically changes immigration law in the United States. This law has the ability to protect some illegal immigrants from facing deportation if they are caught. This sounds like excellent news for anyone who has entered the country illegally, but many are concerned that they will put themselves in danger of being deported should they reveal their existence the government. [Read More]

7 Reasons People Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce

Ending a marriage is a very difficult and personal decision to make. When most people think of a husband and wife "breaking up," they think of the couple getting a divorce. However, many states offer another option for couples who need to separate. This is called legal separation.  One partner simply moving out is not considered legal separation. A legal separation agreement goes through the court, and typically involves a family law attorney like those at the Law Office of Shelli Wright Johnson. [Read More]